“This office is the best. They make you feel first-class with excellent service.”

K. G.


“We have had an excellent experience with Dr. Moore. He evaluated all of our kids and gave in-depth descriptions of their needs. We just put braces on our youngest. They were very helpful and kind throughout the whole process.”

Ashley Johnson


“Simply the best staff in town, always friendly and working hard. Always a joy to visit them.”

Grant Renfrow

“I have not gone through treatment here yet, so my review is based solely on my experience during the consultation process. I have been to several highly rated orthodontists’ offices in the Birmingham area for consultations and one for treatment over the last year. My experience with Moore Orthodontics was like a night-and-day difference from my experiences in other offices, in the best way. Everyone I have spoken to since contacting Dr. Moore’s office has been so kind and helpful. After my first appointment, I learned that my deadline to sign up for orthodontic insurance was the following week, and they got me scheduled for both my diagnostic scans and my consultation before that day. Dr. Moore himself is very kind and thorough. He explains everything well, answers all questions clearly, and is very patient, friendly, and reassuring. I am coming to Moore Orthodontics after treatment at a different office. Dr. Moore addressed everything that my previous orthodontist did not and listened to everything I had to say about what I was not happy with about my smile. He told me what could be done and what he felt was the best way to address my concerns, and it was so nice and reassuring. I left treatment from my previous orthodontist in tears because I was unhappy with my result, and I could not get him to listen to me, address my concerns, or help me achieve what I wanted. Dr. Moore recognized everything I was pointing out and reassured me that I am not crazy and that much of what I wanted absolutely could be addressed with braces. It has honestly been such a nice experience visiting Moore Orthodontics and interacting with everyone there. I felt so much better and was treated so much better than at other offices. Dr. Moore and his staff are all genuinely lovely to speak to and be around, and I feel much more confident in him as a provider and more comfortable as his patient. My experience here has by far blown my experiences at other top-rated offices out of the water. I would absolutely recommend Moore Orthodontics for a consultation if you are interested in orthodontic care in the Birmingham area.”


“Moore Orthodontics is the best! I live in Vestavia Hills and drive to Inverness because the service is second to none.”

Lauren Goldasich

“Professional, friendly staff. Easy to work with and accommodate our family&#rsquo;s needs.”

Ian McDougald

“I’ve been with Dr. Moore for over 5+ years. I would recommend it to any adult needing braces. Great customer service.”

The Scrapbooking RN

“Dr. Moore and his team have taken care of our girl! They are always punctually organized, and they share our love for dinosaurs!”

Aimee Barnes